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History of the Ark

Noah’s Ark was first organized during the year of June 21, 1864. Rev. E.C. Crumbley became the first pastor with Rev. Robert Scott at his side.  For 6 months they worshipped over the branch under a bush harbor. After the 6 month expired they came from over the branch in Jan. of 1865 they begin to worship in an old tenant house which was about 8 or 9 yards from this building.


After a few months Mr. Noah Smith gave the church 6+ acres of land for the purpose of religious and Devine service to God. The building was blown down by wind. The next building was built by putting a post in the ground a flat roof and no floor at all just the ground.  This building was destroyed by fire. In 1867 another building was erected for the church on the foundation we know now as Noah’s Ark Road where the church cemetery is located. It is reported that the building cost was around $400.00. This building had a door on each side. On one end was a door to the pulpit.


After about six years in that structure the congregation decided to tear that building down and erect the next building in 1873 between the months of July and August.  

This building was torn down after ten years of usage and the building that sits on the property now (see exhibit1) was built under the direction of Mr. Steve Glasker with the help of the other brothers and sisters.  Bro. Seaborn Glascock was the contractor for the new the new church for its worshipper’s in 1883.  The reported cost for that building was a total of $1,900.


The church witnessed tremendous growth under the leadership of Rev. E. C. Crumbley; he baptized 966 members. Rev. Rueben Scott was elected as the next pastor of Noah’s Ark after the death of Rev. Crumbley. Reverend Scott baptized 10 members during his first year as pastor.


From 1895 to 1937 five Pastors were elected to serve: Rev. Butler Drisley, Rev. D’Antignac, Rev. H.C. Carswell and Rev. M.M. Moody.


In November 1937, Rev. J. R. Tarver was elected as pastor; he served for 34 years before resigning.  


In 1972 Rev. J.J. Smith was elected Pastor. Under Reverend Smith’s leadership the church building was bricked in 1978. Rev. Smith resigned on Dec. 13, 1991 after serving for faithfully for 19 years.  Eighty-six (86) souls came to Christ and several deacons were ordained under the leadership of Rev. Smith.  In 1990 service was done the 1st and 4rd Sunday of the month with Alvin Gilchrist. Paul Young was a guest pastor on the 3rd Sunday.


Rev. T. L. Burson served for one month in 1992 but resigned because of irreconcilable differences.  It was also the year that Rev. Bobby Williams Sr. was licensed as a gospel preacher.


Rev. Anthony Chavers was elected as pastor in Mar. of 1993. He was installed in June of that year. Before he resigned in August of 1996 he baptized 8 members. Rev. Chavers added a 5th Sunday service.


After being without a pastor for sixteen months, Rev. Karlton L. Howard was elected as the new Pastor of this church in Jan. of 1997. He was installed on the 3rd Sunday in March 1997.


We mourned the passing of Sis. Lillie Douse in 1997. In 1998 a church van was purchased The choir stand was remodeled and redesigned. Deceased members since September of 1998: Stanley Stephens and Sis. Charlie Mae Stephens. They are deeply remembered. 

The Pastor study was relocated behind the pulpit along with other modifications and additions including two wheel chair ramps. Another air conditioner unit was installed. Pastor Howard baptized 9.


These are the names of the ones baptized:

1. Calvin Lockhart

2. Letrechial Smith

3. Sharice Wade

4. Quinette Herrington


Plus the 6 who joined during Vacation Bible School on 1999, a drum set was purchased. A vacation Bible school was organized, 50 bibles was purchased. Timber was cut in the front and back of the church, also the cemetery. Pastor Howard baptized 25. Dea.


Rev. Howard later organized youth ministry; reorganized Sunday School, Youth Ushers and Youth choir along with a weekly Bible study. Vacation Bible school was instituted in June of 1999 and continues to be a viable ministry at the church.   Noah’s Ark began every Sunday worship services in January of the year 2000 by adding the 2nd and 4th Sundays as days of worship.


As the ministry grew the congregation was in need of classroom space. Couple with that problem was the continuous deterioration of the building with a demand for constant repairs. The congregation agreed to begin a building program with the hope of building a new church to accommodate their needs.


Robert K. Warren passed September 1, 2001


Dea. Henry Stephens, Sr., one of our oldest deacons went home to be with the Lord. Sis. Mary Atwell, Sis. Marion Walker and Dea. Robert Walker, Sr., we also mourn the passing of Bro. Clarence Boyd. Absent from the body- present with the Lord. Sis. Eva Cheatom, Sis. Julia Mae Connor, Sis. Amanda Douse, Sis. Rachel President, Dea. Anthony Walker and Sis. Daisy Atwell.


We baptized Gleason Holloway Jr., Eric LaForce, Wilbert Williams, Christopher Newton, and Christopher Watson. Other church members added to the church family by baptism: Sis. Turnette Herrington, Sis. Cherelle Wright, Sis. Brenda Rollins, Sis. Curneshia White, Sis. Eugenia Gresham, Sis. Catrina Jeffers and Bro. Dontrivis White.  2001-2002 additions and improvements: Ten computers, computer classes held, piano/organ, water cooler added to the fellowship entrance, refrigerator and deep freezer, 2 storage cabinets, carpet installed in dinning room, ceiling in the church remodeled, a bus.


Sis. Emma Glover united with our church family on Sunday, August 25, 2002. She was  baptized on the 3rd Sunday in September. Also Sis. Ethel Stephens united with our church family by letter. One member restored; Sis. Philanda Jeffers. Joining our Christian experience Sis. Angela Moss.


Baptism in 2002-2003

Alexander White, Tjuanna Green, Tomyshia Gaines, Shequetta Gaines, Devaris Wimberly, Xavier Robinson, Priscilla Burgess, Taneshia McBride, Kiarra Brown, Nyketrus Gresham,  Ronnicquia Bennett, Jasmine Williams, Whitney Dent, Terryann Jones, Justin Coward. Tyqual Crumbley, Sherrie Gibson joined by letter


In 2005, Deaconess Ministry was organized. May 15, 2005 the Ark had a groundbreaking ceremony on the 10 acres while under Pastor Howard’s tenure. Mayor Emma Gresham of Keysville presented the church with a Proclamation declaring this day to be NAMBC Day. Sis. Eula Brown at the age of 100 participated in the ceremony with a shovel in hand. In the year 2005, Pastor Howard ordained 3 Deacons. The Deaconess ministry was organized. The Arks first newsletter was distributed titled “The Kingdom Times”, edited by Sis. Trinetta Harden. The Ark’s Praise dancers; aka; “Dancers 4 Christ” presented their first dramatization titled “The Power of Knowing God” written by Sis. Elaine H. Stokes. Also in the same year Pastor Howard baptized 16 candidates, as 10 members came back to the Lord for rededication and 10 joined under Christian experience along with 3 infants who were dedicated to the Lord.


In January of 2006, the Congregation went over to view the progress of the new Sanctuary. The 20th of January, the Arks oldest matriarch, Ms. Eula Brown was called to her heavenly home. Big Momma as she known by had been a member for more than 85 years. On March 16th of 2006 after church service members went to the new building before the carpet was laid and wrote biblical promises from God on the floors to always remind us that we are “standing on God’s promises”.  On April 16th of 2006 Mrs. Catherine Henderson was the Ark’s last baptismal candidate at the old church.


April 28, 2006 the Ark had its final Worship Services at the Old Ark after 141 yrs. Morning worship was conducted in an old fashioned manner. Pastor Howard’s final sermon was delivered from John 19: 19-30, titled “It is finished”. Several members shared memories and a prayer of thanksgiving was given. The Congregation marched out of this old building and saying good-bye to the old Ark. April 30, 2006 Dedication and Ribbon cutting ceremony was done at the new Ark. Rev. Clarence Moore of Good Shepherd B.C. in Augusta, Ga. and President of the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia delivered the message from Matthew 16: 13-18 titled “It belongs to Him”. Pastor Glenn Wiggins presented Pastor Howard with the keys to the new Noah’s Ark Missionary B.C.


April 30, 2006, the Ark had its first service in the new Sanctuary; it was a “Friday Night Fellowship”. Pastor Howard’s pastor, Rev. Lessell Leonard and the Green Grove Missionary Baptist Church were in the guests. Reverend Leonard was unable to preach because of illness but he was in attendance with his church choir and members. Pastor Howard’s first sermon in the new sanctuary was found in Isaiah 43: 18-21; titled “Responding to a Holy Shift”. The choir sang, “Walk with me LORD”; “I love to praise His name”; and “Can’t nobody do me like Jesus”. More than 500 members, family, friends, and visitors as well as distinguished guest witnessed the ceremonial services.


During the many years of worship we have had people of the faith and political officials to visit Noah’s Ark Missionary Baptist Church. In the month of July 2008 United States representative John Barrow came to worship with us and later he got up to say a few words. August 17, 2008  Evang. Brenda Lane had an Invitation to discipleship, had a letter from Second McCananan Baptist Church, she will now become the Daughter of the House. Pastor Howard extended Minister Lane a right hand of welcome. October 19, 2008 Minister Brenda Lane gave God’s message. Scripture: Luke 9: 57-62; subject: “Are you fit”.

Nov. 2, 2008- Invitation to discipleship, 12 came forward some for Baptism and some by way of Christian experience (letter):

  1. Shacoira Moore (baptism)

  2. Blair Moore (baptism)

  3. Makayla Moore (baptism)

  4. Corey Moore ( by letter: Fairview MBC)

  5. Phyllis Moore (by letter:Fairview MBC)

  6. Billy Allen (re-dedication)

  7. Henrietta Frazier (letter: Fairview MBC)

  8. Oliver J. Frazier (letter: Fairview MBC)

  9. Tamar Frazier (baptism)

  10. Charnesia Frazier (letter: Fairview MBC)

  11. Kevin L. Jenkins (baptism)

Nov. 16, 2008 five baptism: Shacoria, Blair, Makayla, Tamar and Kevin Jenkins. December ended with an awesome worship service by Pastor Howard.

Jan. 4, 2009 Pastor Howard brought in the New Year with our Holy Communion. Jan. 25, 2009 Minister Brenda Lane gave the sermon. Subject: “Are you bearing any fruit”. Scripture: Psalm 1: 1-6.  Mar. 14, 2009 Pastor Howard celebrated his 12th Anniversary. June 21, 2009 discipleship Sis. Ann Sapp and Bro. Alton Sapp. Bro. Sapp from Beach Branch, B.C. in Sardis, Georgia and Sis. Ann Sapp from New Birth B.C.

Men’s Day celebration we baptized 3 candidates: Sis. Ann Sapp, Bro. Alton Sapp, Sr. and Bro. Tommy Walker.


 The City of Augusta presented Pastor Howard with a plague declaring him Chaplin of the day in Dec. 2009.


March 21, 2010 the church had its first Appreciation of our Deacons and Trustees:

Deacons                                                         Trustees

Dea. Robert Stephens, Sr. - 36 yrs.               Sis. Alberta Tindal- 2 yrs.

Dea. Larry Jenkins- 6 yrs.                               Sis. Clester Drayton- 5 yrs.

Dea. Leroy Glover -46 yrs.                              Sis. Estrella Harden – 9 yrs.

Dea. Matthew Abrams – 36 yrs.                     Bro. King Henderson -2 yrs.

Dea. Sterling Wimberly- 6 yrs.                        Bro. David McBride – 7 yrs.

Dea. Xavier Wimberly – 6 yrs.


Pastor Howard presented each Trustee with a Plague and Bible. All the Deacons also received an Award Plague and Bible. Each Deacon received a token of appreciation from their tribe. July 11, 2010- Baptism on “Men’s Day Demonstration, new members name is Nathaniel Te’Mar Jones.


May 2011- Kimberly Gunn led the Praise and Worship. She is a member of the Temple of Glory Community Church in Savannah, Georgia. Her husband Elder Matthew Gunn delivered God’s word found in Proverbs 17:17; 18:24; John 15:13-17; his Sermon titled “There’s a friend in the family”. 5 Baptisms are: Ashlynn Sapp, Chartasia Ervin, Xavion Wimberly, Eric LaForce, Jr., Martraviou Smith, all received Bibles and a certificate.

July 31, 2011- The Fort Gordon Youth Challenge Academy led a song titled “I feel so much better when I smile”, and “God you’re so good”. The Youth Challenge Academy rendered “Ezekiel saw the wheel” without the music. Invitation to Christian Discipleship Sis. Alberta Anderson by way of Christian Letter from Forest Hill Baptist Church.

August 28, 2011- Pastor Howard introduced the speaker for that day. Evangelist Calleb Okullo Okello from Kenya, Africa. Sis. Elexia spoke about Evang. Okello ‘s ministry.  Evang. Okello message is found in Matthew 6: 9-15; titled “A forgiving God”, he followed the reading of scripture with a prayer. Noah’s Ark gave special love offering to the Free Indeed Ministries, Inc.- the church will match what was given from the congregation.


Sept. 25, 2011. Invitation to discipleship by way of Christian experience from McCollough Convenant B.C. are Kathleen McPherson and Kiana McPherson.


October 9, 2011- Deacon Ordination services for Virgil Lynch, Jr., Oliver Frazier, Sr.

October 16, 2011 celebrated Sunday school 10th Anniversary.

Baptisms for 2011 are: Jaylen Coward, Nov. 20.


Dec. 4, 2011 Invitation to Christian discipleship- Sis. Tridasia Dixon for Baptism for next Sunday morning if possible ( pending her mothers’ attendance)

Baptism for Sis. Tridasia Dixon for the 11th of Dec.

Invitation for discipleship Bro. Tremane Carpenter.(Jan. 1, 2012)


Dec. 31, 2011 Watch Night 2012.Watch night services began with greetings from the Pulpit followed by a soul lifting devotional services from the Deacons Ministry. The Congregation read the word of God found in Isaiah 43: 1-21. Minister Brenda Lane opened up the testimonial floor from the congregation.  The Ark’s Youth Praise Team sang songs of praises unto the LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. The congregation listened to more testimonials. The final offering for 2011 was given and blessed. The Pittman sisters sung songs of Joy and Praises.


The sermon/talk for this watch night service is found in Joshua 3: 5; “Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you”. Sermon discussion was titled “My tomorrow depends on my today”. Altar call was going on when the New Year 2012 came to pass.


January 1, 2012- Baptism and Holy Communion. Bro. Tremayne Carpenter was baptized. Invitation to discipleship is Bro. Lorenzo Styles rededication and Sis. Rubye Tucker.



Jan. 29, 2012 Baptized Janyvia Dixon.


April 8, 2012 “Resurrection Sunday” baptized 8 souls:

  • Destiny Rollins

  • Travonica Jones

  • Diamond Rollins

  • Iymoni Rollins

  • Diamond Bennett

  • Ryheem Rollins

  • Antoinetta Rollins

  • Nakima Rollins


Sept. 2, 2012 The Ark celebrated its 148th Anniversary, on the second service for that day. Green Grove Deacons began with devotional service. Rev. Ellis Climes the Son of the House read the Holy Scripture Matt.16: 1-20. The youth of the Ark: Alexandria McIntosh, Justin Coward, Diamond Bennett, Danielle Lynch, Ashlynn Sapp and Sis. Ethel Stephens presented a History Highlight play. Sis. Annette Osborne presented her fondest memories of the History of the Ark and the corner stones were memorialized rendered with a candle lighting ceremony. Rev. Ronald Kelly introduced the messenger for God’s people.

Sermon text: Revelation 3: 7-8. Sermon subject: “God Knows”. Rev. Anthoni McElrath extended an Invitation to discipleship. Pastor Howard gave remarks. Rev. McElrath gave the benediction and blessing for our dinner.


Nov. 4, 2012 the Theme for this month is “PT Time”/ Praise and Thanksgiving Time.



She Gave Birth:


Six churches were established out of the ministry of Noah’s Ark Baptist Church.


Blount Chapel             Bryant Grove                          James Grove

Mays Grove                            Walker Grove              William Grove


The former James Grove and William Grove were located in the St. Clair Community.

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